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Chatter Boxing :The Other Shoe Dropped

I am a disappointment well that is just how it turned out. I am self-centered but the intentions were pure to find  inner peace and balance I am more confused and … Continue reading

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Chatter Boxing : Scream

My head is foggy thick and sticky I cannot think Pin points of light Stand up the dark tunnel blinds Bury my scream One step at a time Bury my … Continue reading

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Chatter Boxing: Facing the Pain Part 3 (My Hearts Passion a Call for Advice)

I am jumping off the cliff and going to put my heart and soul into trying to make a living doing what I love. I want to work on selling … Continue reading

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Chatter Boxing Facing the Pain Part 2 ( 10 random things)

1. Stop over thinking and trying to “read between the lines” sometimes it is just that simple. 2. It does not matter who believes in you as long as you … Continue reading

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The Magic of Hope Quick Note

So it has been a busy New Year, lots of working on getting my back stronger. My pain under control and letting the creative vibe flow like water. For the … Continue reading

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Quick Chatter Boxing Wonderful Wednesday

Things have been moving along, I am behind on updating and revamping my blog, but for a very good reason. My room has been cleaned my table has been put … Continue reading

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Chatter Boxing ( The In the Studio Series starts today and all the wonderful changes )

So today is the first step in taking my space and making it a functional and safe creative space. I am just about to pop with excitement. So the “In … Continue reading

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Changes Coming to The Blue Art Project (Painting, Projects, and Remodles)

Changes coming soon , just like my life my blog needs a breath of fresh air. So many things have changed and I but my blogging on the back burner. … Continue reading

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Chatter Boxing: Chasing Unicorns and I may have caught one…

On my quest, to find out the where and why my pain has essentially stopped me from having a normal life was lots of doctors, test, and no answers. The … Continue reading

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Chatter Boxing Life Changes, Feelings and Emotions are like Egg Rolls

    Life changes  are very exciting and wonderful things and they can at the same time be devastating. There are changes that occur where we feel as if it … Continue reading

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A smack upside the head by Mother Nature

I thought I had fallen to pieces, maybe I have but maybe the Universe just stepped in and made me physically stop to evaluate and make the changes to my … Continue reading

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Another day another doctor part 1

Using the mobile app. so there are spelling and grammar issues , I just needed to get this out of my head . So with my side trip to the … Continue reading

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Chatter Boxing

I have reached the point where I am now able to do creative work. The only thing that was in my way today was the weather, it seem to think … Continue reading

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