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Chatter Boxing Facing the Pain Part 2 ( 10 random things)

1. Stop over thinking and trying to “read between the lines” sometimes it is just that simple.

2. It does not matter who believes in you as long as you belive in yourself.

3. You don’t always get the support that you need from where you would expect, but the support is there and pops up in odd places . ( Keep your eyes open and when you start hearing negative close your ears)

4. You are the one holding the pen to your life story.

5. You can’t live in the past

6. I am not a door mat, so be careful because the next time you try to wipe your feet you may get tossed through the closed-door .

7. Opportunities are everywhere you don’t have to have anyone’s approval .

8. Be kind, caring and compassionate to both yourself and other people, but that does not mean if someone tells you that your dream is silly to stop. Look at the Pet Rock guy.

9. I was not trying to be disrespectful and I am tired of being made to feel guilty and a burden. So I am removing myself from the toxic environment.

10. I have an amazing husband and son and they belive in me so now I am ready to JUMP.

Thanks for stopping by tomorrow is project day, and I will be posting pictures of the mess. It is a happy mess.

Have a wonderful evening.


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