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Chatter Boxing: A quick note that is all over the place from happiness

So I finally got around to posting the pictures of the junk room that is now my space. I fully admit it has not been that clean since that day. Which makes me happy, it is not collecting things without homes it is being filled with paintings, projects and all things creative.

It has been a long road and I know that  battles are still a head. I took the first steps and got out of my way and let myself run wild.

I fully admit I almost stopped before I started. I realized that it is so easy to get drawn into the misery of other people. You lose sight of what you want when you only hear you can not do that… Guess what I can , I will and I am.

Surround yourself with positive, inspiring and encouraging people. Offer the same to them as this is a major key to getting over your own inner demons of  ” What if’s, I can’t, I am not good enough.” So you have the power with how you talk to yourself. So be kind to yourself .


When I started blogging in May, my husband thought it was a whim, he admitted that he never thought I would keep it up. He helped me get the things I needed to start creating again, he is still timid about suggesting I go and create. (We don’t use the word “Work” playing on the safe side) . He listens to me chatter about this that and the other. He told me he has no idea what I am talking about but the energy I give off fills up the room. So changes have happened and it is the most wonderful fantastic feeling.

So I am off to my Idea Den, lots of projects brewing and it is a nice sunny day and the natural light is wonderful.


Happiness is a choice.



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