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Quick Chatter Boxing Wonderful Wednesday

Things have been moving along, I am behind on updating and revamping my blog, but for a very good reason. My room has been cleaned my table has been put together and my space is functional. It needs some more organization but I have the room and space to bring my ideas to life.

I did let myself slip into a pitty party when my back spazed out yesterday. I sat down at my hubby’s desk to print out a few things . Hint (recipes for homemade clays) and when I went to stand up all the pain came rushing in with all kinds of negative nasty feelings and emotions. I let them take hold and I they just tore me apart and took me down to a very low level. Not to mention one grumpy, gripping, the whole world stinks my life stinks night. Which was not fair to my hubby, and not good for my inner child.

So I did sleep a little woke up from an odd dream had to walk the house check all the locks. I went and set on the front steps of my house and it was drizzling and I wanted so much to take back how I had behaved earlier. Then I went back outside 30 minutes later and a thick fog had poured in and I realized that just like fog it can come in quickly but it always will lift. Fog can be patchy, lite, thick and so on. Just like my negative feelings and bad days they will pass. I related to the fog and realized I wanted to be the warm sun that burns off the fog, the sun that shines down happiness. So that is what I want not to relate to the fog but be the sun.

I am going to make it up to hubby. He doesn’t need this from me he helps me so much not just with helping get my socks on but being positive and helping see the bright side. One thing I have noticed lately he is being so supportive about my art, and  just saying the most amazing inspirational quotes and thoughts. Love that man.

So I have physical therapy in a few hours I know my pain is high but I am a fighter I will get through it tomorrow is a ” Idea Den” day and adventures in homeade clay. So tonight I will update and add the progress on my room it is an amazing transformation. The pictures are super pixilated due to my phone camera but it is not about the picture it is about the room transforming.

I am borrowing a point and shoot camera as I am going to blog/log about my homemade clay . I am on a mission to hopefully be able to make my own clay , for several reasons to save money, to have my projects be completely made by hand and well it just a quest to beat the odds and make a good quality clay. I may be fooling myself but I am going to try.

So that was a more detailed update, but I didn’t want my blog to not get some love as it as I have said before was a catalyst to all the changes I have made and I need for my well being to keep it up. I love to share it helps get it all out of my head and let it out into the universe.

That is all for now until later.



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