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Chatter Boxing ( The In the Studio Series starts today and all the wonderful changes )

So today is the first step in taking my space and making it a functional and safe creative space. I am just about to pop with excitement. So the “In The Studio ” series will be starting tonight or in the morning. I have not had a studio space in 15 years. My hubby thinks the room is small. (To me it is massive and just limitless possibilities)

When we bought our house in September it was to be his man cave and we were planning on sharing one of the bedrooms as office/studio . Then before we moved it we were standing in my now studio. I was thinking this room isn’t going to give him enough space for his TV, and for his viedo gamming. We are so in sync , I stated to say honey , he said yeah this room isn’t going to work. So I gave him the formal living room in trade for the other room. Under the conditions that as we remodle our home that we really go all out on our living room. Think the Godfather, and his office that time era and it being a bit like a bar from that period. I have been collecting ideas like mad for the living room transformation. We are taking things slow. We bought a house finally so it is a save like crazy and one room at a time top of the line kinda of deal. ( Green as well)

So I had been under the impression that I was to share a small room with him and I didn’t mind space is space. When the room was declared to be mine. I have called it all kinds of things. Girl Cave, Creative Space, Room of Possibilities, Postive Space and Studio. So I am sure as the project moves forward the room will get its official name. So hubby is off running errands, as I needed to rest the back.

So I am photo logging/blogging the transformation as it isn’t just about the space it is so much more I started blogging to help me over come my creative block. I found such a wonderful community of people that focus on positive living, living in the moment, chronic pain suffers, anxiety folks, and such wonderful people that I can relate to and that inspire me in a powerful way. (I had no idea that blogging would be such a catalyst in my life of change.) I read and follow so many fantastic people. I am not at all worried about my traffic and views, if I reach one person that is wonderful, if no one reads my post I still have expressed myself without my guard up and just letting out all my thoughts and feelings set them free has helped me more than I ever could have imagined.

One last thing over the past month or so there has been such a major shift in my thinking. I figured out that I was standing in my way of creating again. Second was the space issue. Both of thoes have been solved. Then the issue of needing a tall table came in and yesterday we bought a drafting/project table. I have plans to build taller work tables later, but right now I need to just get the table put together. I have so many ideas that my head may explode. Oh and he bought me roughly 30 canvas of different sizes so I am itching to start slinging some paint.

This shift in my thinking has been where I will be looking at something and my mind goes right into if I did this and that they would make a really cool….. I have not thought like this in years . I love that my mind is in creative mode pretty much all the time. It is such a fantastic feeling, I feel balance, harmony and a feeling of completion that has been missing.

I don’t have that big hole in my soul where there was a constant cold and bitter wind blowing. I am full of color and light.

The focus on being creative planning the space is so deep that my mind shifts away from the pain and hours pass and I am so lost in my world that my pain is not controlling my world. I cannot even begin to express how fantastic this is and when I first realized that several hours had passed while I was working and I had no pain it was like the most intense moment. I may have found a way to tap into the mind body connection and when my pain is off the scales shift my focus and not have to pop a pill. I know this will take time but it is hope.

Sorry that I was all over the places , I hope that it reads of excitement, hope ,happiness and not the ramblings of a crazy women. It doesn’t matter I am just so happy.

Stay tuned as “In the Studio” is going live.

Thanks for stopping by and check back soon as big changes are happening.


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