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Changes Coming to The Blue Art Project (Painting, Projects, and Remodles)

Changes coming soon , just like my life my blog needs a breath of fresh air. So many things have changed and I but my blogging on the back burner.

I have been painting it may only be two but it was a giant leap for me. To feel alive again.

So besides figuring out that I was in my way , then I needed space to work in. I have my space but it lacks a table that I can stand and work. I have been hunting high and low and it seems that building my own is the best options. I wouldn’t say from the ground up but upcycling things to fit my needs.

So over the next week my blog is going to go through some updating and making some changes and adding a few things.

In the Studio is my first page add and my first series of post will be the transformation of my space from its current state to a functional and safe creative space. A step by step log of the changes . Then after that I will keep active with posting projects .

That is one of many changes it may be small and has been put on hold to start until next week as I need some muscle as I still don’t lift, bend nor twist. I am excited as it seems as I am making progress in my creative life.

I have been having a rough spell with my back, I start a new round of Physical Therapy tomorrow. I am optimistic that it will help. I am well aware that it is going to be a long road to getting my legs strong. The increase in range of motion has me a bit shy but if it gets me back up on my feet and back to work than let’s do this. I have been off from work since early October.

During the leave so far no answer to the why’s and my pain is not under control. I can stand or laydown sitting just doesn’t work out well. They don’t know why, nor the reason it makes my legs turn to jello but I can live with standing just have to get my legs stronger.

So I had a very petty moment that I am not proud of but none the less it was eatting at me and well I have still not worked through it but I am trying to understand the mind of a mentally ill person and I am well aware that I am spinning my wheels and wasting my energy for nothing.

So stay tuned as life is always changing so why shouldn’t I.


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