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Chatter Boxing: Chasing Unicorns and I may have caught one…

On my quest, to find out the where and why my pain has essentially stopped me from having a normal life was lots of doctors, test, and no answers. The last doctor said something along the lines that from the trauma and what I went through my body naturally is protecting itself. It also had a psychological link, my brain would kick into overdrive when my pain would increase.

My pain is real, but my body and my brain are working against me it thinks that it is protecting me from harm when it actually is causing more harm.

So I have been all over the internet looking for information, what can I do as we have exhausted all options. I found information that supported my thoughts and what the doctor said that my brain and body were doing more harm than good. That my pain is real and will always be there, but I need to learn to live with it and train my brain not to go into overdrive protect mode when I have pain.

I went to have my follow-up with my doctor and we talked about what the Neurologist had told me, and I talked to her about the mind-body connection. I asked her if she had ever had any patients that had luck using a more Holistic approach. She said she had and agreed that we had exhausted traditional medicine and that trying another form of therapy might help and we had nothing to lose below is the outline of my plan.

1. Physically Therapy getting my body strong again not just my legs but my whole body.

2. Yoga well yoga for post-operative back folks that also have slipped disc. If I could stretch and get the muscles in my back to relax, and breath, I am hopeful that the pressure would be relieved, and my nerves would not be so easily aggravated. So I want to learn to get the muscles and teach them to stay relaxed. (Easy to say and I know that it will cause pain, but sometimes a little ouch to help the overall problem is just what this girl has to do)

3. Behavioral Therapy help teach my brain how to react and handle pain. Train my brain not to go into overdrive to protect my back. Have my brain behave in a calm way instead of over reacting.

4. Overall positive support from within myself, friends and family. No more “babying” I am not saying that if I am stuck on the floor scream at me to get up you lazy bum, but you know not so protective my husband is always on guard mode he needs to relax. Living positive lifestyle and surrounding myself with positive people.

I know that this may sound crazy, but we have tried everything else and sometimes you have to look for other alternatives other ways that maybe this will work, maybe this is what it will take to get my life back. I have hope for the first time in ages.

I am also fully aware that this won’t be easy, it is going to hurt, it will take time. I just have to stay strong and keep pushing and not give up. I can do this I want my life back, and I am ready to fight.

Pain will always be a part of my life, but it does not have to be my whole life.

Time for me to put on my boxing gloves and fight. I have nothing to lose but some pain and getting my life back I know that I will always have limitations, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t get back into life and be active. My bed has been the only thing that has brought me any type of relief, that is not how I want to live, I want to be out in the world. I may never run a marathon or climb a mountain, but I can get back being able to drive, clean house, grocery shop and most important back to work. I am going nuts not being able to work and right now if I were to go in I probably went last the car ride and if I did it would be less than an hour before I was in crisis mode stuck frozen and in pain that would be enough to send me over the edge.

I can change this, I am not fooling myself that it will happen overnight or in a few days, it will take time, and is going to be a painful battle, but I really think that this is the answer I have looked for. I think I found my Unicorn.

Best wishes all thanks for stopping by wish me luck I will keep things updated as I move forward with my therapy.

Polly B.

Feeling Hope

Feeling Optimistic

Feeling Peaceful


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