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A smack upside the head by Mother Nature

I thought I had fallen to pieces, maybe I have but maybe the Universe just stepped in and made me physically stop to evaluate and make the changes to my life and path for me.

I love my husband dearly I hate that this Universe intervention of sorts adds to his stress. I love him dearly and we weather all storms together.

Post coming once I can get on a computer. I have been given time free from outside stress to heal. I think that it is more than to physically heal but to get my dreams and on my path to my place of peace , harmony and living the way that I meant to be.

Until later sometime what seems as a set back is a blessing.

Once again to my husband I will always have your back as we walk this life together and soon will will have been man and wife for 9 years and they have the best 9 years of my life as you are my best friend Soul Mate, Split Apart. You love me as I am as I love you as you are.

It is us against the world and together we can and will accomplish anything our heart’s desire. All my love my Dear Mr. Blue.

Night all till tomorrow and I can type on a laptop and not a phone.


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