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Another Day Another Doctor Part 2

I let myself fall a part, and I own that, I am tried and frustrated.  I am letting it go, as it has come to the point that I have to let go of ever finding out what is going on, as it has consume to much of my time and my life. I am not living, I am dwelling on something that there may not even be an answer too.

I will make my peace with the pain ,numbness and all the other random issues. If there was an a reason about why this is happening I would like to think that one of the many doctors would have told us by now. So I am finished searching .

I have so much more to share with this world that the misery I have been.

I will find a way to live with this, and still achieve my goals and dreams.

No more side steps or trips back on my path as we only have this moment and once it is gone we cannot get it back. I have wasted over a year looking for an answers and nothing has changed so I have stopped. I am not going to continue to beat my head against the brick wall in hopes that I will get an answer.

So today I found out I start 3 times a week physical therapy to strengthen my legs. I go back in 2 months to see how that is going. Irony is they can’t tell me why they are weak, have loss most of their muscle mass and feeling but they send me to physical therapy.. It does not matter anymore as I a moving on..

Night all…




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