The Blue Art Project

Being creative and living in the moment

Chatter Boxing

I have reached the point where I am now able to do creative work.

The only thing that was in my way today was the weather, it seem to think that bed was a better option.

This week I will spend at least 8 hours between Monday and Friday doing creative projects.

Saturday will be a full creative day.

I am setting up my scheduled, if I am to succeed I need to set goals and boundaries.

I am aware that my creative side might not always be in the mood, however I have lot’s of projects in my new space to work on organization.

Making my space a safe place for my creative inner child to come out and play.

I am moving forward as that is the only direction I can honestly go from here.

I am grateful to my husband for his support and encouragement.

All the negative Nancy’s and Nate’s check yourself at the door.

I am happy, peaceful, excited, and ready to start over.

Over the next week I will be switching to posting ,sketches, and drawings to express myself. (Get myself back into the mind-set of visual expression) As it is very clear I am no

word smith.

Feeling excited that I have nothing but myself in the way now and I think I can kick myself hard enough to move.

Have a wonderful night.

Happiness is a choice and it is up to you to decided and make the changes to be happy.



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