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Chatter Boxing Why can I only sleep for an hour at a time ?

In recent weeks I wake up every hour. I feel like I have been asleep for hours and often have had some wild and crazy dreams. I wake up look at the clock and only an hour has passed. I know my body, mind and soul is truly not getting the sleep it needs.

I have cut out caffeine several hours before bed time and even tried no caffeine at all. However to survive at work I need a little boost of caffeine to knock the sleepy dust of my brain.

I cannot and do not want to take another pill so I can sleep. In the past the pills both prescription and natural have caused more issues than worth the sleep.

I need to sleep.

I had grown use to the ever 4 hours waking up due to pain and having to do my lap around the house to go back to sleep. Now just in the past 6 weeks this started and over the past 3 weeks it is almost a nightly ritual.

Things I have noticed .
1. Seems to always be on nights I have to get up early the next morning.
(Then again I may be more aware since the pressure to get sleep is greater than my two nights it doesn’t matter as much)

2. Each night it gets more frustrating and harder to fall back to sleep than it was before.

3. This is going to lead to a disaster if I don’t find a solution to my hourly sleep spurts.

4. It isn’t always pain that wakes me up , is there noises I hear that are waking me up? (My husband is a funny sleeper if I am out of bed I think he is still asleep one night I stumbled and he scared me half to death as he was half asleep at my side guiding me back to bed. I apologized the next morning and he had no idea what I was talking about.)

My doctors just give me the shoulder shrug and no solutions. Am I just to accept this as normal? I don’t feel like it is normal, and hour at a time my body doesn’t have time to go through a full R.E.M. cycle.

Help I need sleep to function as I am already having issues just making it through the day at work. I cannot be added lack of sleep to my compounding issues.

I am hoping by sharing that I sleep only and hour at a time that getting it out there a solution will come about, or my body will fall back into my normal sleep patterns.

So back to sleep I will try to go with deep breathing, clearing my mind, and focusing on my body being in a relaxed state.

Fingers crossed I wake up with the alarm and not in an hour.

As always finding the bright side of things. I had a wonderful and productive weekend. We have finished more projects around the house. Each day it is becoming more of our home.

I collected a few neat things that I have done thumb nails for paintings and my mind is more open and running in a creative positive gear. I am not letting the small stuff the bumps in life derail me from my goals.

I am at peace with myself.
I feel a sense of harmony with what I am doing and the direction I am headed without the fear of the unknown. I am turning the feelings of fear into positive what if’s..

Night all hoping for more than an hour of sleep.


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