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Chatter Boxing Random Act of Kindness (with a side of this, that and the other)

Yesterday I pushed myself to far, but there were things that I needed to get finished. I am still learning what my limitations are, as it isn’t set in stone some days I can do more and someday’s I can only do a little. I try to stay as aware and listen to my body when I have pushed too much. Yesterday I just thought I was overly tired as I had a rough nights sleep on Friday from all the rain.

My husband and I for the first time in months went grocery shopping.  We had been only making small trips as we did not want to have to deal with moving a bunch of food. It worked as my husband was able to run over all the freezer and refrigerator items in one trip in two coolers from the rental house to OUR house. (I still am in giddy shock after all the ups and downs we are home owners) So we were bare bones on the rations in our house. This past week we did not get a chance to stock back up so we finally made it to the store late yesterday.

We had our list in addition we were looking for things that I can eat that are vitamin packed and high calorie. A side effect of one of my medication is loss of appetite and weight loss which at first it was gradual I was losing about 2 pounds a month it jumped to 6 pounds one month then somewhere along the way it all added up to me dropping over 30 pounds total since earlier this year. I was not to a big girl to begin with , but I was not a pixie stick. My doctor was happy with my weight, and now well I go see her on October 31 and I was  to maintain that weight and well she had weighed me in February so since then it has gone down. I know I can’t undo the last few months but I am aware. My sister said I was not nasty skinny so that made me feel better, my husband said he could tell I had lost weight but when you see someone everyday and it wasn’t drastic until recently that he did not even realize that I had dropped down that low. My mom gave me a fit as she helped me get dressed when I was released from my unexpected hospital stay.(All is good they just ran extra test on my back, everything is as normal as it can possible be with my back. I now have a new doctor who has a care plan that involves more in-depth monitoring of my entire spine. Something that should have been done all a long, but we can only look forward. It is useless to ask why the other doctor did not do this, the important thing is now I have someone who will be more comprehensive in monitoring my freak of nature spine.)

My mom gave me grief , what happened, is it from pain, your medication, or stress. I love her dearly, but she was wearing me out, I did not think and I still don’t see why all of a sudden everyone is obsessed with what I have eaten, my husband has the best approach he just listen to me when I am chatter boxing and if I mention anything food related it magically appears when he has to run an errand.

So this brings us back to the grocery store, we took our time as we went down every aisle to get the things off the list as well as anything that I might want to eat. So we spent longer in the store than normal, and I was tired when we went in and towards the end with the shoes I had on I could just slide my feet and not have to actually pick my legs up to walk. I knew it was coming Stupid Leg Syndrome (aka SLS- your legs decided that they aren’t going to work they will go in the opposite direction you are trying to head, they will shake and be wiggle just like a jello. They will decided they want to sit and just buckle, or my person favorite stop and just not move in any direction. ) It happens it is a part of my life and there is not a thing anyone can do about it. So we had checked out, and my husband was pushing the buggy I was still sliding across the floor dragging my feet. My legs had already started shaking, and I knew we were so close to finished and would be home soon. I thought if I can just make it to the car. So we get to the exit and my legs well they had other plans they were finished it was apparently quitting time and they were not willing to do any over time yesterday. I started to fall and just from this happening so often I knew to shift the best I could my weight towards my husband as he has developed Ninja like reflexes and can catch me .

So now here we are just outside the grocery store with a buggy full of groceries, and I can’t stand up without help. So I grab on to the buggy with one hand my husband who is a big fella (not fat) wraps his arm around me and we start to try to get to the car. It was slow as we had to cross the parking lot and at least the traffic wasn’t to heavy, but each step he was coaching me on, small steps see how close the car is you can do it. I was bouncing as my legs kept trying to give way he has me gripped in his arm, while trying to manage the buggy that was over flowing since it was a large trip. We made it through the cross walk and I had to stop and rest. My husband was like it hit you hard, I should have known better, I saw you sliding your feet and bumping into things. I told him not to worry I was fine. So I told him I was ready and we started towards the car again.

Out of now where a man in his by my side and says “Let me help ya’ll, then he asked if he could hold under my arm I said yes and he was kind he started saying you have this not to far my husband pointed out where our car was and he helped us to the car. He held my arm and told my husband to park the buggy, so he could get the door open once they had the door opened. He told my husband you know best how to get her in the car without her hurting. I told him thank you that he was to kind. He replied that is what neighbors are for.

When my husband got in the car we talked about it, I said that was weird, a complete stranger just helped us. It was a random act of kindness. The more I thought about the experience last night I realized that in today’s society we often turn a blind eye to people in need. People don’t even bother to hold doors open anymore. Here was a kind man who popped out of no where and help us. I don’t know if it has something to do with that we have moved outside of the city to a smaller community or what. I just am so grateful for the man in the plaid shirt.

It was so refreshing to know that people do still practice random acts of kindness, and are not afraid to ask someone if they need help. I know that I recently blogged about being frustrated with people who always ask me what is wrong. This experience changed the way I am viewing things he did not ask what was wrong, he saw us struggling and just helped. I hope I cross his path again to thank him, but I will for sure be sure to repay the favor by helping someone else next time I get the chance.

Yes I was having a really tough time , but the strangers kindness changed more than just getting a helping hand to the car, it showed me that not all of humanity has turned all of their focus on too themselves and not willing to help anyone but themselves.

I am feeling grateful for all the wonderful people in my life.

Thankful to the stranger.



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