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The Good vs. The Bad

The past two weeks have been a roller coster ride. The ups and the downs. I have wonderful news and I have had negative invasions. I think sometimes when we have both “good” and “bad” things going on it seems the “bad” carry more weight. The more I have been thinking about this is it how I am letting the “bad” effect me and giving the negative more power than it should have. So I will post in more detail about this as it really has brought up and into the light how I mentally process and my reactions to life events that I am taking the wrong approach.

So I am keeping myself in this moment. This moment I am at peace with myself as there is no reason to let the outside world have this much control over my emotions and put me in a state of mind that I am useless wothless and self centered. As only myself and my husband have all the facts and those whom are making me feel for lack of a better terms : selfish, self centered, reckless, unkind, and a no good piece of sh#t. I am.removing them from my life until I can be firm with my boundries, keep those close to my heart that love and support me unconditionally closer to as my support system.

So I ask those kind souls out their to wish me strengthen, clarity, and the will to fight through this and stay postive.

Good night all.
Postive living and living in the momnet is not always easy.
Polly B.


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