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Pain Party Last Night

I went to bed around 9:30 feeling pretty good, had a great day with my husband, and my Realtor whom happens to a good friend as well. My husband and I talked houses while he grilled an amazing meal and I went to bed around 9:30

At 11:30 my first unwanted guest arrived Miss. Ache at first it was low and dull, I thought nothing of re-positioned myself and fell back to sleep.

I woke back up again at Mid-Night as Miss. Ache had invited Mr. Dull and Mr. Sharp to join her in her late night party. I got up walked around a bit thinking I could work them out and they would leave.

At about 12:30 the party started getting jumping as Mrs. Sharp and Mrs. Stabbing came in, followed by the fraternal twins the Searing and Tearing boys.

Once again I did a lap or so into the kitchen for a drink hoping that this was just there night-cap and they would be on their way.

1 am hit and of course Mr. Chills could not make it but his son Super Chill came over and I began shaking like a leaf.

Fashionable late as always is Mr. Numb and Mrs Tingle that brought there wonder son and daughter Pins and Needles.

The played racing games up and down my legs hide and go seek you name it my lower back and legs were their play ground last night.

Finally at about 3:00 I realized that they were getting rowdy and more active that the great pain bill debated started. It did not last long at 3:30 Mr. Pain Pill came in to break up the party, Miss Ache moved down to my right knee, coupling up with Mrs Sharpe. Mr Numb left his wife Mrs. Tingle and their children Pins and Needles behind as they have a higher tolerance for Mr.Pain Pill

Super Chills at the magic 30 minute mark excused himself and his Father Mr. Chills stepped in his place.  The Searing and Tearing boys sat on my lower spine and began playing cards.

At 5 am on the dot the cat woke my husband up, she must have thought it was a work day. I got up to have a cup of coffee outside with my husband, and it was no surprise to me that Mr. and Mrs Jelly Legs had joined, I did not notice their arrival as I had tried to fall back asleep.

I chatter boxed at my husband for a few minutes I try very hard not to do this to him when he first wakes up but I had 5 hours alone in my head. It was time for my morning meds. by this time so I took them and went back to bed. Around 7 am I finally fell asleep until about 10 .

So it was a long night and I have lots to do today, I need to hitch a ride with my husband so I can get some work finished up, I had planned to drive myself but Jelly Legs don’t mix well with driving as I cannot tell how hard I am pushing the gas pedal and I have really only one pressure and that is floor it, same with the breaks. It is not good for the car or anyone in front or behind me. I should stay home and rest but I am only working tomorrow as we are off to Duke Medical Center to have my follow-up appointment and I don’t want to leave a ton of work behind it is rude.

So yes there was a pain party last night I have done a sketch of all the different feeling and made them into little people. I will scan and post it later.

Sometime humor is the best medicine so yes I am smiling and laughing at myself, some think it is sick and twisted (take a walk in my shoes) then we will talk.

Until Later Jelly Legs and all my life goes on. I will not let pain defeat me, yes sometimes it gives me a run for my money, but I have to keep my hope alive . I know it is not constant anymore, even if the flare ups lately have been closer together that could be from stress to weather changes. I have to keep moving even if I walk funny. At least I can still walk.


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