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Chatter Boxing Defined

Chatter Boxing – Talking about whatever pops into your head there is no rhyme nor reason to how or why this occurs. The chatter will most likely start on one topic and jump many times in matter of minutes. The person whom is chatter boxing in their thought process sees how these random subject relate to one another.  Often the person whom is being “chatter box” at or with will already know how to follow the “chatter boxer” or will learn over time to follow the “chatter boxers” thought process. Time varies on when you will be able to follow the “chatter boxer” tips include keeping an open mind, not dismissing the things that the “chatter boxer” is saying. Listen as you will learn more about the “chatter boxer” as this happens during times when their guard is down or when they feel comfortable with you. In addition this does occur when they are nervous and in a new setting or surrounding. (See Others 1.1,1.2,1.3,1.4 for a better understanding)

Other 1.1- Chatter boxing speaking or writing in stream of consciousness.

Other 1.2- Can often be heard or read from people with anxiety, also occurs when an individual is under stress or extremely excited about an idea or an event. Possible other occurrences if the stress is negative and the “Chatter Boxer” is over worrying, thinking about things beyond their control (during these moments  proper etiquette is to tell the chatter boxer to stop and change the subject)

Other 1.3  Chatter Boxers – There is no existing data that limit this to economic, geographical, cultural, or religions groups. It is just the process of how an individual communicates. There are varying factors that cause this as it sometimes is a rare occurrence for people, and other it is common to everyday.

Other 1.4 Chatter Boxing can be intensified while taking certain medication , lack of sleep, and other outside events, or stresses.

NOTE: Chatter Boxing definition is in my own words and  no formal research has performed to define the act of Chatter Boxing , the causes, effects, or how to handle a Chatter Boxer. It came for  life experience and advice from a non-chatter boxer whom has married a chatter boxer.

I Polly am a Chatter Boxer and I have been one all my life. I use to feel as if it made me ignorant, and felt like there was something wrong with me. As often people do laugh at me and make derogatory comments that I am (a nut, crazy or asking me what I have smoked or taking and to share) There is nothing wrong with me other than I have a thought process different from others. I do not have AD/HD and much to I am sure many people surprise have an extremely high IQ . I know that it drives some people crazy, but to those who matter most love me as I am and would not change my Chatter Boxing as it is apart of who I am.

So instead of my Random Chatter post, they will now become Chatter Boxing, and I will post on Saturday or Sunday, my Chatter Boxing for the week.


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