The Blue Art Project

Being creative and living in the moment

I feel the need to paint for the first time in years..

I sat down yesterday to work on a design that I started several months ago and like so many projects brushed it to the side. As I began adding color , it did not feel right it was not what I wanted to do. I knew what I wanted to do , I knew what I needed to do what I long to do like a junkie longs for just one more fix.

I needed to paint.

I dug through the mountain of boxes found my brushes, most had never even seen a drop of paint. Pulled by tub of paints out to discovered most had separated or become hard as a rock. I had black paint and gesso , I have about 8 canvases 4 which had the first layer of black laid down, the reminisce of a project started and left unfinished.  I finished laying down the black on the 4 I had. Discourage that I lacked any color to put down, I remembered the wood in the basement.  I went digging in the basement I found 4 good pieces of wood different shapes and sizes brought them up to the light of day. I took them outside and sanded and started prepping them as I worked in my head how to get some paint. (I am unable to drive do to my back issues) My husband came out and he didn’t say much, he asked what I was doing (he had a smile on his face he knew this was big I was working something he had never seen me do it is a bit sad that he has been in my life for 10 years) I explained that my paints had all dried out but I was sanding the wood so I could prime it. He knows nothing about painting so he asked me about what I was doing and I explained the process of preparing a surface. He was trying to help me get the gesso out and it to had harden and only oil coming out. He asked if I could use paint and I explained you can but it will just soak it up. He asked me what I needed, I told him not to worry about it. He asked me what all I needed and where we needed to go so I could get supplies . I  then told him about my paints and that it would just be a waste as I did deserve  them. He told me that was ridiculous and asked again where do we needed to go. I told it would cost too much and not to worry about it.

So I just went down to talk to my husband and told him I thought I would wash the cars today and once he was finishes studying could he run me to the store to get the supplies. He said that we could go after we went to the art supply store so I could get what I needed. I told him not to worry about that I would wash the cars they needed it and our money would be better spent with me washing the cars. He said we can get both give me until 1 to finish studying and we head out. He then told me he had already planned to take me to the art supply store . I told him again there was no guarantee that I would be able to paint. He said you won’t know unless you have the supplies. I told him I am scared, then chatter boxing about creative recovery and my fear. So in about thirty minutes I am off to buy paint and gesso. I know over the years we have picked up a tube here and there but he has no idea exactly how much it cost. So I am going to just go with student grade as the pieces I have in mind for the 4 pieces of  salvaged wood  is about my creative recovery and I know there are few more good size boards I can use as well. I feel excited and terrified at the same time. Ready set here I go…




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