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Life Plan Part 1

So I have a life plan roughly laid out on a scrap piece of paper. It’s not that I don’t value my life or lack the passion to get to live my dream it just happened  the only paper I could find when I was had a moment of clarity.

Now my life plan is more of getting to where I am doing what I love and feeling more complete. Hopefully make more income and if things work out it being a full-time passion. (I hate the work job it makes me think of “just over broke”). I know full well that anyone with training or knowledge of business plans would think I was a complete and utter idiot, but what they think honestly does not matter to me. As this is not solely about making money, this about living in the moment and feeling complete. Finding a path and living in my “bliss”.

I do have common sense that I will need to make pieces that will appeal to people. In turn any extra earnings could fund the other art work that I want to make. I live in a tourist city most cities are but Nashville has its own bit of uniqueness to it being “Music City USA” the home of Country Music, funny thing is a lot of people don’t realize more than just “Country Music” is produced in Nashville.

In my recent trip to visit my son I experienced to seeing the street artist that loved and were passionate about their city, their home. Which made me really think after being born and raised here, then leaving and roaming the country looking for a place to call home. Why had I not explored my city? Maybe the one missing pieces to the puzzle of why I have been creatively blocked was I had not taken time to step out of my box and explore the world that is all around me. Planting roots and finally calling Nashville home. I thought I had a valid reason for all the moving a roaming I wanted to erase parts of my past. I have been a “runner” new city new start. Don’t worry I am not wanted nor have I participated in any criminal activities other than running from myself.

I have made peace with my past as I realized the experiences I have had has in may shapes and forms made me who I am today. We can learn from our mistakes and as they say hindsight is 20/20. So I don’t spend much time dwelling on the past. I reflect upon things. Living in the moment in is facing forward living in the past you’re not living at all as life is happening now. Living in the past is a dangerous thing as you are not making any progress and dwelling on the “could have, should have, would ” is toxic in my mind. The past is in the past and somethings should stay there. Live in the now be aware of what is happening now. You cannot change your past but you can shape and aim for a more positive fulfilling future.

So as I am moving forward with my plan I have laid down a foundation being mindful of self sabotage. I have set loose time frames on certain aspects as being and “artist” means I don’t need a physical space to sell my work. I can use the internet, show my work at fairs and have shows. So the need for a constant physical space cuts out a big chunk of change and pressure for creating to sell. I need to get out there and build buzz around my work and my name and my work become more familiar in the area. So I have had a standing offer to be in a group or do another solo show for ages and I was too scared to take my friend up on the offer. So I plan between now and December 2013 building up my body of work. (That was a little scary to real put in print, as I have thought about it but to see it is a different story). With that being said I have a list of various “themes, ideas, concepts” however you want to put it that I am working on. First step is the thumbnails (in progress) then on to sketches the producing. One step at a time and I am not letting my self feel overwhelmed or having “negative” self talk. I have nothing to lose as I have done nothing for so long.

So I have laid out step one that I will have at least a few pieces by December. I know that I can have a few pieces finished by then, it is a matter of staying positive. Keeping my promise that I will contact my friend when I have enough work for her to look at and be a part of a group show. So I have laid down a little piece of my life plan. There are many other factors, components, and projects that I have planned. For tonight I have shared a big goal. So stay tuned for the next pieces of my life plan.


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