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Going outside the box (jumping into a stangers pool)

I posed a challenge to do something outside my comfort zone this weekend. It could be anything, from something I always wanted to do but was afraid, or try something new. Essentially it was all about getting out of my box, my comfort zone and a challenge. I had come up with a few ideas but nothing really struck me as truly pushing my limits.

So today I know it might sound silly but it was very liberating. I jumped fully clothed into my neighbors pool.

A little back story about the pool and my urge to jump in it started last summer. As our deck sits up high and we have a clear view of the pool. The man who lived their was not friendly in the slightest so I had pondered the idea of sneaking over and doing it but he would have had me arrested so I keep my urges to jump in under control.

The first of this year 3 guys moved in they are in their 20’s I guess and they are in a band and party like “Rock Stars”. The seem nice we have talked a few times from the deck but I could not tell you their names. That is all I know about them.

My husband and I were out on the deck grilling dinner and I look at him “I am going to go and jump in the pool” he looked it me like I was a bit crazy, but after 10 years he has learned to never underestimate what I might say or do.

I then explained the outside the box challenge and at that moment I  wanted to jump in their pool . He said go knock on the door ask telling what and why you’re doing it he was sure they would not mind. I ran in the house got my flip-flops and headed next door. The did not answer the front door.( I was so bummed and at the same time thinking I could sneak in the back gate and jump in and be out before anyone knew). I walked along the side of the house and asked my husband did he see any of them. He replied “no” but the downstairs door was open.

I open the gate popped my head in and said “hello”. I guy with his six string around his next came out. I asked “Do you mind if I jump in your pool, it is a part of my creative recovery and I have to do something out of the box and I want to jump in your pool”. I said it so fast I bet he did not know what I was saying other than something about his pool

He replied” Hum we are about to leave in 15 minuets so umm.”

Me” I just want to jump in then get out and go back home.”

Guy “Hum sure”

Looked up at my husband who was trying to use my camera to take a picture for proof, he could not get it to work and I said to hell with it and I

JUMPED into the pool . It was the most liberating thing I have done in ages. It was like a cleansing of  some of my life trash washed away just by jumping in a random person pool.

Call it silly, stupid whatever you choose but for me  getting over the fear of just talking to  a stranger much less asking  if I could jump in their pool (standing there in my clothes).

I was living in the moment, I did not plan to do this it just happened. I can honestly say it was spur of the moment. I have worked so hard on living in the moment, and getting outside my comfort zone that today was a perfect example of being in the moment and outside my box.

So never be afraid to jump.


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