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Followed Doctors orders and rested my back worry and guilt free..

Spent the day at home in bed, my back decided to remind me that it was still there. Despite the fact I have been a bag of lazy bones normally when my back flares up I get all panicked. I worry about my job is this ever going to end and the “why me”. Today was different I focused on resting my back and relaxing. I did not worry myself to death I took care of myself without feelings of guilt. This is the first time since I don’t know when that I have had a flare up and did not spend the day panicked about the “what if’s”.

So when I was getting ready to work on my post I realized that a change has happened or I should say is happening. I did not let an issue beyond my control cause me undo stress by worrying about what “might” happen. I can honestly say this is the first time I can remember that having an “angry back” day I rested and relaxed like I am supposed too, instead of worrying and only making my muscles more tense.  ( I wish it was only a muscle problem but it is not but keeping them relaxed helps the over all situation).

This may seem trivial to some people but  I was able to stay in bed all day and not worry for me is something most people close to me will not believe . I am now seeing the shift in my thinking process, as well as how I am letting things affect me. Today was beyond my control I knew it was so I actually followed the doctors orders and rested. In the past I would lay in bed and worry  myself sick literally sometimes to being hysterical. Today I am cool as a cucumber.

Progress today was  a small step I am now actually moving  in the right direction.

Live in the moment.

Stay positive.

Be true to yourself and true to others.


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