The Blue Art Project

Being creative and living in the moment

“Soul Suckers”

I have stuck to my guns , I have not been on FB and I only check my email once a day at best. I have kept my net surfing to a minimum. I have collected quotes, taking pictures of anything and everything. Trying not to let the things that are out of my control get me all worked up into a panicked frenzy. (I still really need to work on that) So to wrap up my week as I kind of feel like Sundays are the day before the new week starts but not the last day of the week. They are a day to relax, reflect and spend time being with those you love or doing the things you love.

The positive quotes I have picked one, two for each day this past week and I must say that my days are going better, I am not getting all frazzled , I am just rolling with it. Small steps keeping at it and not giving up. So I did hit a bump in my weekly project, but that happens and no sense in giving up due to one thing unfinished. It happens not going to beat myself up and next time a set a goal be realistic in what I am wanting to do and keep in mind I never know what kind of day I am going to have.

Overall in the past few weeks I feel the changes and a see them as well, they may be small but I am at least keeping at it and slowly I see the shifts happening. In how I react to outside stresses. Keeping away from the “Soul Suckers” I have more time to work on the things I enjoy. Over all this past week was a good week, fully admitted I had a few melt downs, but it is better to get it out than let it eat away at you and become toxic.

So as I get ready for this week, one day at a time keep myself in the moment, “see” the world around me and actively be apart of it. I know it sounds simple but baby steps.  I have lost count on one week I am on or into, but that does not matter.

Live in the moment.. Fear is nothing but an emotion that I will use for good and positive actions. To the woman whom is trying to drive me crazy I feel sorry for her as she can not be honest with herself nor tell the truth to other people and I hope that she figures this out before she is left empty-handed, broke and alone. She can keep trying to push me but I am going to step out of her way and let her push herself of the cliff she has tried to knock me over. Karma is not kind to those who manipulate and use innocent people for their own personal selfish gain. I will not let her play apart in my life. I am going to live it up this week..



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This entry was posted on June 2, 2013 by in creative inspiration, Random Chatter.
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