The Blue Art Project

Being creative and living in the moment

Day One 5 Random Pictures..

Hope   “Hope” I pass this building everyday on my way home it is in an industrial part of town and on a side of a church. Hope is something we should never lose.

Sun Drop M&M's Mid day Snack my cube mate Chris is a Sun Drop Junkie…

Electric Keep yourself electric, positive, and powerful.

Bite  A bite of my current favorite food Bagels

Berry Yard  As I got home greeted by the wild berries in the yard.

To end my day I don’t have a quote, just that seeking and taking the 5 pictures even if they were with my phone, is a step forward, tomorrow I will pack my SLR who knows instead of a power nap on my lunch break I might find a hidden treasure. I won’t know if I don’t look, and my goal is “living in the moment”.

Today looking for 5 things to take pictures of and a positive wrap to my day balanced out the stress the “W” word causes. Tomorrow is a new day and it is up to me what I make of it, and how I let things affect me. So that is a warp of day one of my weekly project.


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