The Blue Art Project

Being creative and living in the moment

Cleaning out more life trash and my weekly project

Disco FlowerSo I have looked at my life and seeing what is distracting me (aka giving me an excuse) not to be using my free time making/creating new work. So I call them “soul suckers” my definition of this anything that takes huge chunks of your time and you don’t realize hours have passed due to being engaged in a “soul sucking” activity. Such as FB now I know a lot of people get pulled into the black hole of social media.

The more a thought about the time which of recently has not been that much it really is not productive or conducive to my life at all. My true friends that I care about I hear about their lives and adventures firsthand. I don’t need to got to a website to see what is going on with my friends. It takes away the personal part of being a friend. Actually talking to them face to face or on the phone interaction go further and deeper than a random blurb or post. So for now no more social media, as it is almost kind of creepy that someone you just met wants to add you as a friend. It is the short cut way to take a look into a person’s life. Instead of getting to know them from talking to them and spending time to truly getting to know who they are and what they are all about .

Oh the joys of “trashy TV” now I really don’t watch as much TV as I use to but it is nice to relax and watch the Discovery Channel, National Geography Channel, and well I full admit I a sucker for teenage drama’s. They are an excellent escape from the reality of bills, work and all the fun stuff of being an adult. So TV and movies only in moderation.

I am a book junkie. I have a problem with buying books and staying up all night to finish a good read. I cannot give it up, I have tried it is apart of who I am. So reading is still a good way to get the imagination running wild. So reading will stay on my list of approved activities .

So it is a Monday and it is a holiday so it is sort of Sunday since I am not at work so this weeks goals and projects. So starting tomorrow 5 pictures a day, subject is irrelevant it is to help create the habit of being in the moment and seeing the world around me. In addition hopefully I won’t get sucked into the endless net but a quote, word, or just a brief sentence or two at the end of each day that is positive and kind of wraps up my day on a good note. .

Those are my weekly creative goals. So now I am going to turn off the computer and spend some chill time with my “hubby” and my cat. Who knows what the rest of this day shall bring as I am at home with all my supplies …


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