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Getting lost and found in New Olreans

We got to New Orleans on Saturday afternoon, this trip has been in the works for sometime. We (my husband and I) are in town for my son’s High School Graduation. We had a nice dinner on Saturday night and he (my son) has been busy the past two days. So my husband and I set out to see the sights and we are the kind of people who just head out and explore. I had no idea what kind of effect it was going to have on me. I had no idea that wandering aimlessly in and old and beautiful city would ignite the fire I had though burned out long ago.

We have been roaming the streets, no set path just seeing what is out there. On Sunday we were in Jackson Square (well I think that is where we were) and their were artist out with their work lining the streets. I saw so many amazing things, there are just not words for it, you just have to see all of the different works of art up close and in person.

As I talked to a few of the artist as I was looking at their work a few common themes amongst very diverse work came up. Reused and rescued materials from Hurricane Katrina and the love of their city. Its history, survival, and the re-birth (re-building). I was moved in such a way that I have not felt in so long. The city lost so much and they took pieces of the debris and made them into beautiful works of art. One man had kitchen cabinet doors, doors, windows, and flooring that he used and has the most beautiful variety of landscapes, still life’s, and abstract paintings on reused surfaces. I realize this push to keep it in a “series” was not necessary his style and colors ties his work all together.

I always hear get a body of work together do a “series” and I don’t have to my work can be just as random as I am. (Well that is how I am feeling right now)


I was so elated and ecstatic that I walked further and longer than I have been physically able to in ages. I wanted to see more I wanted to stay around the positive creative energy.  The city of New Orleans itself is beautiful with its architecture, something about being around all the beautiful works of art and the people who created them , the urge to create my own work has come out form a deep hidden place within me, to the fore front of what I am going to do once I get back home to my supplies. (The trick is not letting my life trash come flooding back in).

The love of the city their home is so deep not just in their work but in their words as well that I wondering why I did not feel or see this in my own home town. I know that I have kept myself cut off from so many things, that I may be just missing the big signs at home the “White Elephant’s” that are around  me everyday. I don’t want to lose this feeling, I know that I have issues with finding a city, town or a place to call home and settle down. Is it that I won’t let myself feel at home and I am running from the ghosts of my past ? As I think about my past it is a part of who I am. The things that have happened in my life have influenced me and how I live my life and made me the person I am today.

I don’t want to lose this feeling of passion and creativity, I know I am feeding of the energy of others and I am not trying to take something that is not mine. I have to find a way to bring this energy out of me in my own home town and in my own way. Find my own source of creative inspiration in my native surroundings. I have been so inspired and just walking on air the past 3 days that I don’t want to go home. It is more than the typical hate to go back to my life I want to keep this feeling kind of buzzing vibe that is warm and fuzzy.

The clarity of my ideas of projects and the drive I feel no fear . I am not afraid of if ideas don’t turn out how I envisioned.

I am not afraid to put it onto paper, canvas, or whatever tickles my fancy.

I am not afraid, by doing nothing “I have failed by not trying” ( I read that somewhere so credit is due but to whom I cannot remember) . I have nothing to lose but this wonderful feeling. With all that I have been through the past 13 years with being creatively blocked , I don’t want to go back to that cold dark place of nothingness. I literally want to paint the world.

I have taken over 300 pictures which I know if I try to put them on my poor sad laptop it will kill it. So I have to wait till I get home to see if there are a few that are worth a print maybe a post. I need to get out and about in my own city and find what inspires me. So I can keep this creative high..

Tomorrow is a big day as well as my only child pass on into the next phase of his life, I will in my own way join him into moving forward in my own life.

I found the key to the door to the room where my inner creative child had been locked up for years afraid to come out. The door had been opened and the child has been set free to fill the world with color and images. I will be mindful and protect my inner child as the world once force her into hiding, but not again.

Life is too short to hide and live in fear.





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