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Coffee, Chatter and Change (in a nut shell)

May 21

Sitting in a hopping lobby of the Hilton Riverside in New Orleans. People watching and well people talking so loud everything from business, weddings, shopping, food and gambling. So I am hearing bits and pieces of other “worlds” as I would put it. I know I feel like I have my own little world I live in and I co-exist with not only my surroundings but other people. So at this moment I am getting lots of sound bites into worlds that I am far removed from, as well as seeing all kinds of different people. I am not being a “creeper” just being aware of my surroundings and I must say that it is better than watching TV. It is like a mesh mash of sound bites all stringed together creating this wild story.

So I have come to terms that my laptop is going to a better place.. I would much rather spend the cash on other things but if I am going to keep up my quest for my creative inspiration and the new-found freedom I have  I will just have to bite the bullet.. So I guess when we get back to Nashville I will have to shop around, I want power, memory, and not so heavy so I can upload photos.

I have enjoyed the past few days having limited access to the internet. I am thinking that I am going to make some changes and not waste my time on something’s and spend more time doing my work and getting them up on to my blog so hopefully I can get some feedback.. The inspiration is flowing the creations are starting I just want feed back..

Headed off now so much to see and time is not relevant.


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