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Taking out the Trash Part 1

So I realized that being vague and skirting around really getting into the mental garbage dump that has buried my inner creative child is not going to help me have that break through. I started on May 10th and set a short term goal. I gave myself 7 days to set up the blog and start a map, of sorts to get myself on the path of creating and not procrastinating.

In true form I have been rambling on about other thing and not started to try and figuring out what has been blocking me and overcoming it. I realized that I need to clean out my mind garbage and dig down, get over, let go and resolve issues that I have just not addressed.

I have procrastinated to the point that I am a master at avoiding getting back to work. This is not progress it is a mere fact.

So tonight I decided that I am going to work on getting my mind junk I have been hoarding and clean it out. I made a little list to have a starting point a kind of “to do list” for cleaning out my mental baggage that is taking up space and I think a part of what is holding me back.

It is time I get honest with myself and own up to my mistakes, and take credit for the positive things.

I am going to spend time in the past to make as I am going to put it make “amends with myself”. I don’t want to get too hung up in the past so I will need to figure out and set a time frame to get that part out and behind me. I want to look forward and live in the present. I know in order to do that I will have to do some serious digging and spend time addressing inner “demons” form the past.

So tomorrow (not procrastinating it is just late) I am going work on my list’s and just get all the mind garbage on paper and find my starting point and work through it and hope that I can put things behind me.

So tomorrow I start “spring clean” my mind, no more hording, or dwelling it is time to clean up and take out the trash from my past and move on.


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